The Los Angeles Times is one of the most well-known news publications in the United States. Being located in the second largest city in the country, the Times is a premium source for news. Which is why the idea of a "In Case You Missed It" section of the news site is something that I think is valuable to its readers. 

Especially in the time of print journalism, if you missed a story on any given day, you never got to see it again. It was what made daily newspapers essential for journalists. But with the dawn of the internet, everything is archived and easily accessed. But you have to know the subject of the article you missed.  So why not devote an entire section of the news site to giving readers the ability to search for stories that they never even heard of or couldn't know the subject of? That is the beauty of the section. 

Some people have had the same idea as the Times. For instance, St. Louis's KPNT radio station does the "Discount News" on their morning show. This is the same section, where they take news that happened a few days earlier and tell their listeners the stories. They're tagline is that "if you are hearing it for the first time, well then, it's news to you." 

Another section of the Times that I found interesting was the "Animals" section. The internet is a direct cause of this. If one were to go to a website such as Reddit or Imgur, they would quickly realize those who roam the internet love their animals. It provides entertainment to those who value their pets lives just as much as any other member of their family. 

While these sections might not exactly be "hard news", it gives the readers of the Times a different venue from the normal news site. "In Case You Missed It" gives the readers a chance to go back the past few days and figure out what they missed in the news. And "Animals" appeals to nearly every type of person to stumble upon their site. Overall, I like these two sections, and their placement in the middle of th the page is just right. 

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