Being at Marquette University, there are certain perks that come along with attending a Catholic university. Despite the standard break fro Christmas, we also get a break for Spring Break and Easter. The break provides a great small absence towards the end of the semester, much like fall break in the first semester. For the Detroit Free-Press though, religion is just an after thought.

On Saturday night, I went to the Free-Press's website to see if there was any preparation for Easter. I was met with coverage of the day's Final Four games, as well as general news from around the Detroit area. I quickly looked around to see if I could find any thing about Easter or Passover or any other religious holiday, but could find nothing.

On Easter I returned to see if there was anything else, and the only thing I could find were slideshows. The first was a slideshow of Easter foods, which were homemade from Linda Willette, who made linguini, Sicilian sweet bread and canolies. The photos were well taken, but they were of one family's tradition for Easter. It would have been great to see what other families were doing for Easter.

Another slideshow was from a Easter Vigil at Cobo Center. This photo gallery featured many candid shots, especially the one of the baby sleeping. I believe it is a great way for someone who is not knowledgeable in the Christian faith to see what goes on in a Mass as high profile as Easter Sunday. However, these were the only stories on Easter.

For the Free-Press, I feel like there should be a religion beat. It is extremely difficult to find a religion-based story on the Free-Press's website because there is no religion sub-header. There was no mention of Passover, no mention of any other religious practices. It would have been great to see these other religious practices, especially in something more than a photo gallery.

In a time where political correctness is at an all-time high, it's understandable for the Free-Press to have little coverage of religion on its website. But if one religion is being covered, it would have been great to see others covered. I would like to see the Free-Press to take a more active role in covering religion in the Detroit area. 

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