Last night, I was on the bridge watching the Baltimore Ravens play the New England Patriots. With the game coming to a close, the Patriots were up by nine with a 3rd and 9 on New England's 32 yard line. Brady threw an incomplete pass, but the refs called a highly questionable illegal contact call, which gave New England a fresh set of downs.

The call was the highlight of the weekend, and ESPN analyst Adam Schefter reported that the players had enough. The NFLPA sent a letter to the league officials with all the league's executive's signatures, saying they want a deal done and the replacement refs "are a farce".

The Los Angeles Times have not been a big part of the discussion of the NFL replacement refs, mostly because Los Angeles doesn't have a "home team". The Chargers are close, but there have not been any major events occurred in a Charger game. But with the onset of social media, players are able to speak their voice.

Brandon Spikes of the New England Patriots tweeted his aggravation for the replacements after the game Sunday night. While the NFL hasn't responded, it's safe to assume he will be receiving a fine for his comments. Bernard Pollard of the Baltimore Ravens said in an interview before the games this weekend that "they should have nipped this thing in the bud immediately. We're going on our third game. Something needs to be done." He also went on to say that the players are entitled to their opinions, but they have them to a certain extent. 

The regular refs are locked out of the NFL because of a small amount of revenue goes toward the refs, and the two sides are arguing about exactly how much they should receive. The ends of having the replacement refs do not justify the quality the league is losing by having the replacement refs continue to be on the field. This labor dispute needs to end

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