In the last #loweclass #sports, we had a rousing debate about the replacement refs. Some were calling the final play of Monday Night Football's tilt between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks egregious, while others, like myself, pointed out the game could have very well have ended 7-6 in favor of Seattle.

In the wake of the game, the media was looking to see how the NFL would move on. Players and experts were tweeting, some profanely, for the NFL to get the regular refs back on the field. ESPN was quick to point out how bad the refs were and that the NFL needed to regular refs as soon as possible. I wrote a Bleacher Report article, saying that one possibility would be for the players to strike until the regular refs signed a new deal with the NFL. Thankfully for the fans and players, a deal has been reached.

Late Wednesday night, the NFL and Referee's Union reached a deal to get the regular refs on the field. It seemed that the number of bad calls not only in the Packers/Seahawks game but also in the New England Patriots/Baltimore Ravens game, the one that saw the loudest "Bulls**t" cheer on television, was too much for the NFL to handle. 

As a decent fan of the NFL, I would say the deal came too late. The consensus after Week 1 was that there wash;t any blown calls. Sure, there might have been some missed calls or questionable calls, but they didn't mess up too badly. Week 2 saw more missed calls, and some that made games closer then they should have. When the NFL saw there could have been a problem, that's when they should have gotten a deal done. 

There have been four major lockouts in the big four sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB) in the past two years. The NFL and NBA locked out last year, the NHL is seeing its second lockout in eight years, and then the referee's were locked out from the NFL until Wednesday night. It's hard for fans to be sympathetic to the owners and commissioners of these sports because of the amount of money they are fighting for. In each of these lock outs, a deal should have been done before any games were missed. But in the case of these replacement refs, at least they weren't there for when playoff races were decided. 

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