Over the weekend, the biggest event to hit television was the Emmy Awards. The Emmy's, which are awards for the best television, was seen by 13.2 million people, according to Press-Telegram of Long Beach, Calif.  Being in Los Angeles, the Emmy's were the top trending topic on the Times website

The Times's main headlining article had a video accompanying the article, and like we have been taught in class, the video compliments the story while not repeating the story. I clicked on the video first, and the video did an recap of the major awards, while also providing some analysis of the pick. The video also had winners' reactions and small interviews after the show. At the end of the video, the anchor breaks down some of the info that was not expressed in the live footage of the event. 

I thought the video was very well done. It gave me the information that I needed to know, and probably covered the information better than the story would have. After watching the video, I scrolled down to the article. it was a sizable article, and had I not been reading the story for this blog post, I would not have read it. But, the article moved quickly as analyzed the entire show, and rarely went into who won what. The article graded sketches and acceptance speeches, and the overall idea of repeat winners. 

However, outside of this article, there isn't much multimedia being used by the Times. There is a small video section on the home page, but of articles that are "human interests" stories. It seems that the Times likes to use multimedia for entertainment stories, and rely on traditional story writing for the more important stories. 

I personally like what the Times is doing. I think that having the human interests stories house the video is a smart call because a video can tell the story better than a written story can. Being able to watch scenes unfold is much more appealing than reading them. But with important series, a video would distract the viewer from the more important issues, something that can be conveyed better in written stories. I would like more audio, but video is a much better su

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