The Detroit Free Press takes pride in covering the Detroit Auto Show, as it features the coverage at the top of its homepage.
With another semester of #loweclass, there comes another beat assignment. Last semester I covered the Los Angeles Times, but this semester I have been assigned the Detroit Free Press. Part of me is really excited for the site because Detroit is a hockey hot bed and I should be seeing a lot of hockey on the site. The other part of me is not happy to get the Detroit Free Press because it forces me to care about the Detroit Red Wings, one of the bitterest of rivals of my St. Louis Blues.

As I looked at the site, the Detroit Free Press isn't anything extremely impressive visually. The ability to read the actually newspaper online is a very cool feature that I wish more sites would use, as it would probably be better than navigating the site. Everything seems cramped too, as you have to scroll down a pretty good ways to get passed the news sections. It would be nice if they could expand the width of the website so it doesn't seem so cramped. 

One thing I do like about the site is how it presents special topics, such as the Detroit Auto Show. The Auto Show is going on this weekend, and the Free Press has coverage of the show at the top of the page. The coverage itself is impressive, as there are a lot of stories and photos about the car show. With Detroit's emphasis on cars, it's not too surprising to see a lot of coverage of the auto show.

Finally, I wanted to take a look at the coverage of the Detroit Red Wings and the NHL in general. As luck would have it, the Blues and Wings would play each other in the season opener, which was on January 19. The Blues won 6-0, and the coverage of the game was not so kind to the Wings. Much of the story was about how the Blues dominated in every aspect of the game, and how it seemed that very few players actually showed up to play. Jimmy Howard, the Red Wings' goalie, let in five goals, but the Free Press pointed to the complete lack of effort from the now Lidstrom-less defensive core for the goals. The Free Press focused more on the Wings than the Blues, which is understandable and wrote the story from an aspect that fans would see the game from. I like to think that writing from a fan's perspective is the best way to write a sports story because it allows for more passion in the writer, while still being objective. 

Overall, I think the Detroit Free Press is a good enough site. There are things to work on visually, but I think the writing is good. I am looking forward to covering the Free Press as the semester goes on. 

02/18/2013 11:52pm

Am I allowed to guest write for JacobBorn.Weebly.com next time there's news out of the Detroit Big Three? ;)


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